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I was born & raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I've lived in Williamsport, PA, Anaheim, CA, Orange, CA, New York, NY, and now I'm back in Pittsburgh. I like reading, writing, the Pittsburgh Pirates (& Steelers and Penguins), taking photos, my cat Lola, traveling, London, trying new food, and watching superhero movies.

Currently, I work in a museum managing social media, web content, and email marketing. Previously, in New York City, I worked for Hachette Book Group in social media, online marketing, and online publicity. This gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by books all day long without working in a bookstore (done that) or a library (visit frequently enough).

In my free time, I do a little bit of everything: writing, blogging, and freelance design work (web design, for the most part). I've been writing since I was 6, and am actively trying to get published. I'm also a self-taught designer, interested in pretty color palletes, smooth lines, and simple layout and design.

a formal bio for publications, speaking, etc.
Sarah Reck's short stories and poetry have appeared in The Tributary, Elephant Tree, and Make It So: Poetry Inspired by Star Trek The Next Generation chapbook. Currently, she is the design editor for Hyacinth Girl Press. She holds both a MA in English and MFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University and did her undergraduate work in creative writing at Lycoming College. Currently Sarah works in social media and web content at a museum in Pittsburgh, PA.

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