a spring morning photo

A few friends and I have been doing a joint Project 365. Basically, the idea is to take at least one photo a day, every day, for an entire year. Not only does it chronicle our lives over the course of the year but hopefully it helps with photography skills. At least, that’s what I’m hoping with my own skills. I got the idea from a good friend of mine, Danielle, who has been doing it for a couple years now. This year, she’s focusing on taking one photo every day of her toddler son. It’s fantastic.

I’ve run into a few roadblocks along the way. Sometimes, I do nothing all day. On those days, I usually take a photo of one of the cats. Other times, I am busy but I forget my camera or go somewhere I can’t take it, and then I still end up with photos of my cats. And then again, on some days, I take lots of photos and can’t choose. Today was one of those days.

photo21 a spring morning photo

The photo I chose for my Project365 photo is this one, of an open purple tulip. But the one above I also really liked. What I like most about this photo is that I got close enough to focus on the drops of rain that were spattered along the inside of the petals. Now my zoom isn’t fantastic, and it certainly isn’t any kind of sharp focus zoom, so it’s not a perfect focus. I can imagine a better photo easily, which is somewhat of a disappointment. But I’m happy with this one.

I think it captures the morning very well. We had rain all night but as dawn approached, the clouds parted and it grew into a perfect spring morning. The sky was a crisp, bright blue, the greens of the grass and trees a striking contrast… and the flowers are out and in bloom. Armed with a camera, I took advantage of the morning and snapped some tulips, the dogwood blooming in the backyard, and my dad in the garden.

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