must-shares vol. 7

+ I’m a bit late on this, only because this link entry has been sitting around way too long, but YA author Maureen Johnson called out the gendering (is that a word?) of YA novels and asked for people to design their favorite cover as though an author of the other sex wrote it. Read about it here and here. The second link has some of the results.

+ Photographer Jaime Moore did 5-year-old portraits of her daughter, Emma, but instead of princesses or anything cliché, she took portraits of Emma as remarkable women from history.

+ Disney usually gets it right. Like with this post about graphing our emotions through Toy Story 3. Can I just tell you how much I cry every.single.time. I watch that movie? Also from the Disney blog: Disney comebacks for any occasion. Continuing with the theme … the Toy Story ones are my favorites.

+ My roommate, M, sent me this awesome wallet, which I want, stat.

IMG 2956 must shares vol. 7+ I walked on one! A coffin trail! Well, Urban Ghosts Media calls them corpse roads or medieval burial paths, but it’s the same. Look to the right and you’ll see a photo I took of a coffin table or whatever it’s called — a place to rest the coffin during these long walks!

+ Haikus from New York Times articles?

+ PBS asks: Which Shakespeare character are you? Apparently, I’m Rosalind from As You Like It.

+ These 23 signs you’ve lived in NYC too long are all true. Especially 9 and 17. (More on 17 in a future post.)

+ First world cat problems? This, right here, is my cat. Especially the bit about being able to see the bottom of her food bowl.

+ Wait, there’s a William Shakespeare’s Star Wars?

+ Welcome to Sanditon, from Pemberley Digital, has its first episode up! (Lizzie Bennett Diaries fans, rejoice!)

+ Finally, if you haven’t seen the trailer for THIS IS THE END, watch it now. I saw it by accident (as an ad at the beginning of a video of a cat that sounds like a goat) and I almost died. Warning: the trailer I linked to is the NSFW one, with bad language. Basically, the best part of that trailer is Emma Watson. Also, the fact that they are all playing themselves. What. Is. This.

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