top ten lists: new york city

I started this post months ago, when I was in a panic about staying or leaving New York City. It’s been sitting on the back burner for a while now, and since I feel more confident in my decisions and circumstance, I figure it’s a good time to post this up.

Empire State Building shows off in red white and blue. top ten lists: new york city

Empire State Building, NYC, Nighttime

Now, two lists, in no particular order …

Top 10 Things I’d Miss if I Left NYC

1. The mad variety of incredible food everywhere.
2. Public transportation. Also known as: not owning a car.
3. The opportunity to see Broadway shows (nearly) whenever I want.
4. Getting to walk everywhere.
5. Central Park as my backyard.
6. All of my subway reading time.
7. $25 mani/pedis.
8. Wearing my awesome commuter coat, one of the best clothing purchases I’ve ever made.
9. Everything about the NY Public Library. (Though in Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Library system is pretty great, too.)
10. Walking, walking, walking. (Most of the time, at least.)

Top 10 Things I Wouldn’t Miss if I Left NYC

1. Grocery shopping. Also known as: carrying groceries 10+ blocks & up three flights.
2. The smell of the city streets & heat of the subway stations in the summer.
3. Not having enough money to actually ever see Broadway shows.
4. Having to walk everywhere. (Ha.)
5. Feeling obligated to go to the park on a nice day just because it’s there.
6. Paying so much in rent.
7. Not knowing if I’ll be early or late or on time because I’m at the whims of mass transit.
8. All of the layers necessary for walking anywhere in the winter, especially in the snow.
9. Carrying a second pair of shoes with me. Also, my entire life in a bag every day.
10. The massive puddles that form on every street corner that I have to walk through when it’s raining/snowing/sleeting/icing.*

looking down Frederick Douglass Blvd  nyc  newyorkcity  cityscape  city  skyline  Harlem top ten lists: new york city

Harlem, NYC, Frederick Douglass Blvd.

* Number 10 brought to you by another snowstorm and the fact that I discovered my snow boots are not waterproof when accidentally submerged in murky water up to my ankles that I didn’t see because it was covered by slush.

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