the writing state of my WIP: complete

Back in April 2012, I did a “state of my WIP” post, which can be found here. To summarize, I was on chapter 1, which wasn’t yet complete, and it came in at 2,243 words total.

I can proudly say that said WIP, after taking a pretty long hiatus from working on it, is complete. It clocks in at just over 67K, which is right smack in the middle of my word count goal (60K-70K). It feels good to be done. It feels better to be through my major revisions and overhaul.

Am I happy with it? Today, yes, I am. I have a scene I’m working on finishing, based on a suggestion from my roommate that it needed to be included. It’s currently written in my physical notebook, and I haven’t had a chance yet to type it up. From the time I finished the first draft until now, I’ve added three more scenes thanks for some wonderful feedback from a writing partner, and I’ve greatly revised both the first chapter and several there in the middle. A few other people have read it as well, and everyone’s given great, positive, and encouraging feedback while still offering ideas for fixing it. I’m happy with that, too.

I feel like I have a better grip on my heroine’s voice, motivation, and her relationships. There are still a few things I need to figure out and tighten up, but it’s coming together naturally. I’m not scratching my head and wondering what to do next. The important thing is, I’m still excited to do all of that, which means I’m not done with this book yet. So often I get to the end and the revisions and the edits and then I throw up my hands in an ‘I’m all done‘ motion.

Also, this graphic here relates perfectly to this novel — currently titles THE RULES OF SUMMER CAMP — and what inspired and formed it. I knew it had to go into this post. It fits it to a tee.

I Write 6 the writing state of my WIP: complete

What’s the point of this post? To toot my own horn. To give myself a pat on the back. To remind myself that I need to keep working on this, making it better, get to the next step because I feel really good about this one. (Of course, I tend to usually feel really good about my finished novels once the writing is complete. It’s once I start querying that I stop feeling good.)

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