on being born on february 29

Not actually having a birthday this year. #leapyearproblems

This question: No, seriously, how old are you really? #leapyearproblems

Realizing your birthday is hidden somewhere in the minute between 11:59PM on 2/28 and 12:01AM on 3/1. #leapyearproblems

Realizing that most people can’t do multiples or divide by 4. #leapyearproblems

Not knowing when all the birthday posts on Facebook will roll in, on the 28th or the 1st. #leapyearproblems

It may or may not be my birthday. #leapyearproblems

Trying to determine how many Facebook friends know that today isn’t really your birthday when they wish you happy birthday. #leapyearproblems

Telling people they can wish you a happy birthday on 2/28 or 3/1 or whenever they feel like it. #leapyearproblems

Other posts on my birthday: on my birthday, a real one & an essay on birthdays

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