a summer life list

This summer, I want to check some things off a list. A summer life list, if you will. None are really elaborate, some are tailored to what I already have planned, and some are just things I think I should do in the summer. My original intent was for the goal of checking off items on the list run June 1 to August 31, but I realized that on May 28, I did one of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. So as motivation to do the rest, I’m including that one as the first I’ve done for this summer and checking it off straight away.

Header Summer Life List a summer life list

1. Go to a bar alone.
2. Find a geocache. • 7/6, my first geocache then 4 more!
3. Ask a bartender to make me something he/she recommends. • 5/28, ended up with a drink called a Juliet & Romeo, which was delicious and perfect.
4. Write 50 pages of LETTERS TO BEE, my new work-in-progress.
5. Finish LETTERS TO BEE, my new work-in-progress.
6. Get a tan.
7. Read a whole book in one sitting.
8. Write 5 poems.
9. Go watch a community softball game.
10. Make 3 2 different kinds of popsicles. • So far: cherry-lime.
11. Make refrigerator pickles.
12. Sit by the pool for more than 3 hours.
13. Try 5 4 new restaurants. • TenPenny (6/13)
14. Go to Kennywood.

Disney To-Dos, for our family vacation in August

15. Two words: pineapple whip.
16. Go on the new Mine Cart ride.
17. Drink wine in “France.”
18. Get a high score in Toy Story Mania.
19. Meet Mickey Mouse.
20. Ride Test Track.
21. Wear my Mickey ears hat all day.

Though I’m not really creating any “rules” for this, I do want to say I reserve the right to add to the list. I won’t subtract from, but I will probably add. We’ll see what I can get done and what I can’t!

Happy summer!

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