Camp Redwing: 1998-2003

Hi Redwing friends.

I’m working on a database of all of my photos from camp, mostly years 1998-2003 while I was a staff member. However, there are a handful from CHK as a CIT and also some from when I was a camper.

I’m looking for your help in identifying all of the people in the photos and making sure I have the years correct.

If you’re interested in helping me out with this project, here’s what you can do.Look through the photos I have scanned HERE.

If you’d like to see the spreadsheet of the information I already have, please request access to it. (I don’t want to just put the spreadsheet up online as it includes people’s names.)

If you have notes for any of the photos, you can fill out THIS FORM (as many times as you’d like). I have a lot of information for many of the photos already, but it’s helpful to have more and to make sure my memory is correct!

I might also start an oral history project, so there’s a question on the form about whether you might be interested in talking to me and recording an oral history of your Redwing memories.

Thank you for your help!

Harmony (1998-2003)