my writing

I wrote my first story at age six, complete with awful crayon illustrations. I haven't stopped since, and I find writing creatively as such a natural part of my life that I do it in many and varied ways. Besides my blog, which showcases quite a bit of writing and styles, here is a brief resume of my writing credentials, along with the handles for my three complete (unpublished-as-of-yet) Young Adult novels. (Note: three is by no means the final count for the number of novels I have completed; it is merely the number of novels which I feel comfortable with to try and sell.)

You can read more about my writing journey and sample some of my writing at my writing blog.

« Poem "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" in Make It So
Hyacinth Girl Press [July 2011]

« Managing Editor & Co-Founder
Litterbox Magazine [January 2009 - May 2011]

« Contributing Writer
Every Girl Blog [September 2009 - May 2010]

« Short Story "The Backwoods Boy"
Elephant Tree [2007], Chapman University

« Managing Editor
Tributary [2006], Lycoming College

« Short Story "Through the Window"
Tributary [2005], Lycoming College

« Set in a steampunk alternate New York City, Nick Avery discovers he's not who he thinks he is and has to take over the throne from a man set on bringing the city to ruins.

Rules of Summer Camp
« A contemporary YA romance with a case of mistaken identities and an obsession with a popstar.

In-Between and Ever-After
« Ever since she lost her parents in a car accident, Rose has spent her birthday with them in the in-between, an amusement park between heaven and earth.

The Moonstone
« Sixteen-year-old Aurora discovers she's the key to the protection of an ancient race of werewolves.