Sarah Reck




« On the Tracks, featured in the October 2017 issue of Ghost Parachute.

Mick is a rough-and-tumble sort of kid. He smokes a pack a day that he steals from the drugstore while his buddies knock over the magazine racks so the pretty girl behind the counter screams at them and chases them all out with a rolled magazine. He likes to tell stories from the train yard, where he lays spread eagle on the gravel beside the tracks and puffs smoke at the clouds. [READ MORE]

« The Green Man, shared on my writing blog.

"Some people say he didn’t ever die," Joanna said. She put her palms on the car and leaned across towards us. She spoke with a low tone, like at scout camp when the guys tried to scare each other around the campfire with dumb stories about guys behind trees with axes. "Some people say if you drive into the tunnel at night and turn your car off, the Green Man'll come out and touch it, but if he does that, he's got so much left-over electricity in him that you're not gonna be able to start your car again." [READ MORE]

« The Backwoods Boy, featured in the 2007 issue of Chapman University's Elephant Tree [PDF via Chapman University].

The little boy put his back to the tree trunk and slid down the rough bark until he sat on the roots. He squirmed once so a large knot wasn’t digging into his thigh. His back stung where the wood cut into the bare skin between his overall straps. He put his thumb in his mouth and waited. [READ MORE]


« Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, included in the anthology Make It So: Poetry Inspired by Star Trek the Next Generation.

« Shared on my personal blog: The Apple | Weeping | Flavor | Salt Lick | Barrel of Commuters